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Perfect Brows
Permanent Make-up
Perfect Eyebrows
Now thanks to a unique seven step brow-shaping treatment, you can have the ultimate in well groomed, immaculate eyebrows. Whether your brows are overgrown or over plucked, we can sculpt them into the perfect shape for your face and transform the way you look and feel about yourself.
The Price?
Perfect Brow: $55.00
Eyebrow Shaping: $35.00

Note for the Perfect Brow: If lightening of the eyebrow hair is required for a more even tin an additional $5 charge may apply.
Permanent Make-UP
Permanent Makeup is the process of applying color pigments to specific areas of the skin, resulting in a natural and permanent look that eliminates the need to reapply traditional makeup.

If you lead a busy lifestyle, want or need better makeup coverage and duration, or have physical challenges that limit the application of traditional makeup, then Permanent Makeup may well be the solution you have been searching for!
Permanent MAKE-UP Pricing
Brow Embroidery Price: $1000
Hybrid-It Price: $1,100
Touch Up:
3-6 Month: $150.00 /$180
8-12 Month: $250.00 /$350
2 Years: $500.00 no touch up included

Note: The treatment will not be considered a touch up if you have had your brows done by another artist..
Important: Touch ups do not include a second touch up. If you feel that you need a touch up to your touch up procedure please be aware that this second procedure and is not included in your touch up price. If you need to come a second time around a charge of $80 will be due in the time range of two to four weeks from your touch up date. Thank you.
Lash enhancement Liner 
Upper: $600 
Lower: $500

Thick Liner (winged) 
Upper: $750 and up. 
Lower: $600

Touch-up: Upper $350 & Lower $300 Only applies for my clients.

Note: For new clients it will not be considered a touch up.
Permanent Lips
Full: $1000
Touch-up: $350 Only for my clients
One year and Up: $500 and up
Give yourself the pleasure of a renewed look and a vibrant skin by taking advantage of our specialized skin care line and the expert hands of our estheticians, Esther, and Yunisel. Results are visible and often dramatic.

Our treatments are designed to help your skin replenish and heal itself and provide you with the look of health and youth that nature intended.

We proudly carry Yon-Ka products for our aesthetic professional services.

Eyebrow Embroidery Training:
  •  Eyebrow Embroidery Kit and Course Manual.
  •  Hands on live model options.
  •  Certificate of completion
  • Eyebrow Embroidery training is a technique with hand tools only, which will be provided in the kit.
Perfect Brows by Yuni: (Wax and Tin ting)
  •  Includes Brow kit and course manual.
  •  Hands on models.
  •  Certificate of completion.
Meet Esther,
My passion is to beautify through my proprietary technique of brow shaping and embroidery. This not only makes you feel beautiful for a day, but increases overall confidence and self-image. With over 30 years of experience, I specialize in brow sculpting and reconstruction according to your individual facial structure. Each client is serviced with the up most professionalism and care. 
Contact Esther: 239-530-8077
Meet Yuni,
Perfect Brow & Skincare Specialist
Yunisel is a second generation eyebrow engineer. 

Yuni is consistent with giving customers the perfect eyebrow. She is very passionate about bringing out the inner beauty of her customers and absolutely loves what she does. 
Contact Yuni: 239-404-3022
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